We have launched THIS HOODIE PAYS RENT, a social enterprise initiative to help alleviate income shortfalls for people struggling to pay their rent.

We will be helping people to keep a roof over their head by splitting profits from sales of our most successful fundraising product, the AIME Hoodie, with those struggling to get by.

The concept is simple: 50% of the profits from this hoodie will go to people having difficulty paying their rent. Anyone struggling to find money for rent has been invited to apply to become a Hoodie Connector with more info on the process available here. They will receive a referral link that they can share with whomever they like. For every hoodie sold using their referral link, the Hoodie Connectors will receive $30. The money will be deposited into Hoodie Connectors’ accounts every two weeks.

For all purchases made without a Hoodie Connector referral link AIME will share 50% of the profits fortnightly split across all registered Hoodie Connectors, with the first pay cycle commencing April 21.

Just a quick note: For these hoodies, to create our own unique, vintage colours including blue, pink, yellow, purple and hazelnut, we have over-dyed the original hoodies. This has created a soft hand feel and washed out colour palette. This does not apply to the black and white colourways.