Beni Single

On December 1st we launch AIME OP SHOP to support 100,000 marginalised kids by 2025. It’s the first global digital op shop that brings together people who want to make the world a better place to share their soulful creations and share their stories of how they've made it. So we can create a heap of opportunities for young kids currently with life's door closed on them.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Two artworks on handmade paper sourced from local materials such as agave, corn fibers and tree bark in Oaxaca, Mexico.

ABOUT BENI: I believe in the cause and I love the op-shop concept , I believe in supporting the youth. I think collectively we can make change and the world a better place and if this can help in anyway I am more than happy. Art is a universal language that speaks to everyone, provides hope and expands your imagination, these are also ingredients to make change. I'm all in for what AIME is doing.

DELIVERY: We will contact you via email once the product has sold to arrange shipping. For any questions or enquiries please contact