Jeremy Kay // Art

On December 1st we launch AIME OP SHOP to support 100,000 marginalised kids by 2025. It’s the first global digital op shop that brings together people who want to make the world a better place to share their soulful creations and share their stories of how they've made it. So we can create a heap of opportunities for young kids currently with life's door closed on them.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Jeremy is donating one of his resin pieces on canvas. Contact for more information.

ABOUT JEREMY: Jeremy Kay is a French born visual artist, currently based in Byron Bay Australia.

Using an intuitive, free flowing style to create abstract shapes in resin. Through years of experimentation, Jeremy has developed his own unique way of pouring resin, to make vibrant and expressive artworks.

Through years of exploring and experimenting with resin as a medium, Jeremy has developed his own unique and distinct practice of pouring to create vibrant and expressive works of art. With a radical inclination towards mixing new mediums and colours into each artwork, his original pieces capture a psychedelic and dreamlike feel that evoke an emotional and atmospheric response.

Inspired by his earlier career as a DJ and many years travelling internationally, Kay’s resin art reflects an enthusiasm for life, adventure and the vibrancy of life. He sees his style as a kind of psychic automatism, in which priority is given to the process, emphasising impulse rather than premeditated composition leaving his viewers in a state of wonder and amazement.

His recent work pushes the experimental boundaries even further with a series of 3 dimensional interactive light boxes, reminiscing the glory nights of his club years. These artworks embody two lives, a glossy monochromic life during the light of day and a mysterious nocturnal metamorphosis takes place as night dawns, unravelling a whole new personality... something not afraid to be extravagant.

‘‘As resin grew in popularity I became interested in inventing my own technique, to create shapes that break the 2-dimensional fluidity of resin. I am working on a large variety of supports (mostly recycled) always with the aim to create not only art that is pleasing to the eye, but more so, an object with an atmospheric enhancing power, something that you see in a room and go “wow…now, fuck me, that’s a vibe”.

Personally, I found abstract and interactive art to be my favourite style. I want to create an experience where the public is led toward an altered state, I like to push everyone to question the meaning of the art, to take a guess and then question their own interpretation. Why? Simply because this is first step toward enlightenment, but also because it’s hella fun!’’

Now why am I so eager to support AIME is very straight forward, Art always influences my life for the best. I was lucky to be born in an artistic family, and to receive an early education in the matter of art, philosophy and literature. There is no doubt that the prosperity of our future reside in the education of these coming generations. The world now more than ever need young creative people. Since I have met Dan I followed closely what AIME has been doing and I would love to help in any way I can.

DELIVERY: We will contact you via email once the product has sold to arrange shipping. For any questions or enquiries please contact