M.J. Bale // St Clair Kingston Suit

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Kingston St Clair suit was created at the time Kingston farmer Simon Cameron agreed to trial our world-first zero-emission wool project. With 10% of all of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from livestock methane emissions, we did a 300-day trial at Kingston farm, feeding 48 Merino sheep a seaweed food supplement grown by Sea Forest on Tasmania’s east coast every day. The supplement reduced the sheep’s methane emissions by 80%, and the project even got covered on Channel 9 news. Now we are feeding up to 500 sheep seaweed, hoping to pioneer a new way to create wool with less impact on the environment.

 Crafted from single-source wool from Kingston farm in Tasmania and woven in Italy, the St Clair suit is woven in Italy into a classic birdseye weave Super 150s cloth. It's been tailored to a slim fit, and is a handsome suit for weddings and events or, even better, your first job interview .

ABOUT MJ BALE: M.J. Bale is an Australian-owned gentlemen’s clothier that makes garments of integrity for men of character. The brand prides itself on tailoring expertise with natural fibres, particularly Australian merino wool, and measures itself against their all-important brand tenets of Provenance, Authenticity, Integrity and Character. M.J Bale is the Official Tailor to the Australian Test cricket side & Wallabies, as well as a host of professional and cultural organisations, and operate 59 stores across Australia.

DELIVERY: We will contact you via email once the product has sold to confirm suit size and arrange shipping. For any questions or enquiries please contact bk@aimementoring.com