MLAK // Cat

On December 1st we launch AIME OP SHOP to support 100,000 marginalised kids by 2025. It’s the first global digital op shop that brings together people who want to make the world a better place to share their soulful creations and share their stories of how they've made it. So we can create a heap of opportunities for young kids currently with life's door closed on them.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: These are my characters I’ve made up, my MLAK cat. Intuitive and psychic. 

They were at a restaurant that is no more. Owned by the three blue ducks

Artwork Size: 90x 1.2m

ABOUT MLAK: MLAK - previously known as Kalm, lives in the area of Byron Bay and is reinventing herself.

After experiencing a critical emergency birth of her first son, it has dramatically affected mind state, yet she is thankful for her son bringing herself to face, challenge and explore life in a more accountable way.

Born on the 18th of July 1983 making her a moon child, her Cancerian ways are influenced by the waxing and waning Luna glow.

Governed by the element of water, sees her will tenaciously move and paint fluidly and at times with erratic storm like strokes placing imagery potent with messages, filled with poetry, and imaginative flavour; in hopes to expand and create a world of colour and a thought provoking environment empowering curious eyes.

Through MLAK, Karlee works to explore a new level of her identity, taking inspiration from the world that surrounds her to create pieces which evoke real feelings of connection, yet also challenge a viewers' sensibilities to help them dive deeper into themselves.

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