O.G Ksubi Tee from Dan's Archive

On December 1st we launch AIME OP SHOP to support 100,000 marginalised kids by 2025. It’s the first global digital op shop that brings together people who want to make the world a better place to share their soulful creations and share their stories of how they've made it. So we can create a heap of opportunities for young kids currently with life's door closed on them.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  This silk tee was shown in the 2007 Ksubi AFW show titled, ‘Said The Rainbow To The Apocolypse’.
It was the first of series of digital prints we created with our friends at Think Positive prints in Sydney. One of the first of its kind in the world, after this show there were many imitations.
This particular top, was the O.G number 1 sample, was worn by USA model Erin Wasson on the runway. It has been featured in many a fashion ragazine. Just Google it and you will see.

It is an oversize size and DOES HAVE SOME SMALL RIPS.

FROM DAN: Fashion has given me the opportunity to travel the world and meet many wild and wonderful people. I am donating this piece from my personal archive to help support the work that AIME does, in hoping kids out there less fortunate than me get the opportunity to experience some of the things I have been so lucky to experience.

DELIVERY: We will contact you via email once the product has sold to arrange shipping. For any questions or enquiries please contact bk@aimementoring.com