Tyson Yunkaporta Sand Talk Carving // "Lines in the Sand" Chapter - story about pattern thinking.

Tyson Yunkaporta Sand Talk Carving // "Lines in the Sand" Chapter - story about pattern thinking.

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On December 1st we launch AIME OP SHOP to support 100,000 marginalised kids by 2025. It’s the first global digital op shop that brings together people who want to make the world a better place to share their soulful creations and share their stories of how they've made it. So we can create a heap of opportunities for young kids currently with life's door closed on them.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Hunting boomerang, messmate wood, "Lines in the Sand" Chapter - story about pattern thinking. This boomerang is about how to do Indigenous pattern thinking. The trick is to ignore the nodes in the system and focus on the connections between them, and then (hardest of all) ignore the connections and see the overall pattern made by those relations. Then you can identify basins of attraction, structural areas of potential leverage where you can let the system do the heavy lifting and make great changes with minimal intervention (and a decent bit of imagination).

ABOUT TYSON : “Tyson Yunkaporta is a rich thinker who is helping remind us all of the value of Indigenous systems thinking, not as some antiquated idea, or mythological concept, but as serious heavyweight intelligence that can inform modern leaders to create healthier richer systems that allow all life on earth to thrive. We are so inspired to work with Tys day in day out, I’m lucky to hang with him in the Indigenous knowledge labs at Deakin, and am so inspired by this donation, it’s driving us to get out to 100,000 kids around the world by 2025. What’s on auction here as part of our debut collection on the AIME OP Shop are the carvings Tyson did for Sandtalk, his award-winning book. Hope you’re lucky enough to have this energy in your life. Thanks for your energy and vibes to keep pushing and creating change” - Jack MB, AIME CEO & Founder

Tyson’s explained why he’s donating these items for the AIME Op shop, “AIME is the only place I know outside of my home community where you can invest without expectation of return, but know it wasn't a waste of time.”


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