NHD 2015 Hoodie

2015 is our 10th year running the AIME program, from one school in Redfern in 2005, to 330 schools, 33 university campuses and expecting 4,500 kids engaged this year.

Target and AIME have teamed up to supply this year’s hoodies, our sixth version of the hoodie, and is the first to feature the traditional colours on the Aboriginal flag. The 2015 hoodie was made in proud partnership with Target. These sleeves tell a story...

"Est 2005. Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience. Born on the streets of Sydney, now sweeping the nation. It begins 25 uni mentors, 25 Indigenous kids, one idea! From little things big things grow. Mentors unlocking limitless potential. Kids getting through school. Together we are better. Indigenous school captains, doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, prime ministers. Imagine what’s possible. 10,000 kids by 2018. Smashing stereotypes. Leaping the gap. Don’t look back. A country dancing to the beat of Indigenous success."