2020 We Imagine Hoodie

Wanna see the world change? Wear this hoodie, take a photo and share how you are going to use the hoodie to create a fairer world.

This hoodie is the flag of WE IMAGINE, the global campaign we created to gather people together to imagine the world we want in 10 years and pledge to take action to make it happen.

The WE IMAGINE hoodie was created for our 10th anniversary Hoodie Day in 2020. We reclaimed our popular 2016 hoodie and gave it new life as our 2020 hoodie.

Featuring artwork from kids from three continents, and an action patch on the right sleeve for people to make their pledges for a fairer world, this special edition 10th anniversary hoodie marks a decade of change through AIME. It not only supports the critical work we're doing, it also inspires people to imagine and to act.


You take a stand for the tomorrow we want when you buy this hoodie.

Designed & printed locally in Marrickville, Australia.