M Lak

“Suits for suits is about us building bridges from a traditional corporate symbol to open the doors for kids around the world to see through the world of imagination, and what is possible.” Jack Manning Bancroft - AIME Founder.

With no brief and no rules, the project is all about pure imagination, which is AIME’s ethos and each of the artists are free to get as creative as possible. This ongoing global project aims to solve a challenge and ReclAIME the future with M.J Bale & AIME auctioning the suits to help fund the work AIME do in fighting for imagination, and for a fairer world.

“My hair keeps secrets that I use to paint pictures from to share Braided into the heavens, standing on crystals, history is kept in your hair. When I meet my truth, I meet my myself, when I meet myself, I meet my self expressions my body has changed as has my mind, sitting comfortably in life’s chair of lessons. “ MLAK

MLAK - previously known as Kalm, lives in the area of Byron Bay and is reinventing herself. Through MLAK, Karlee works to explore a new level of her identity, taking inspiration from the world that surrounds her to create pieces which evoke real feelings of connection, yet also challenge a viewers' sensibilities to help them dive deeper into themselves. Without trying too hard, Kalm was easily distracted with insatiable curiosity and organically painting her spasmodic achievements in between life and travelling. Now thanks to her son Koa he has grounded her and given the gift of being in one place for more than one year to truely focus on her creativity. MLAK is using all she has experienced for years travelling with the gypsy boots, nomadic heart and secrets kept in her hair dancing under the full moons to use and paint pictures of a serendipitous life completely encumbered by stars with imagination the compass.

Shipping Australia wide only. Please contact shop@aimementoring.com if you would like an international shipping quote.

Jacket size 46, Pant size 42

Please note this suit has been altered and is intended as an art piece. It is delicate and may be subject to some wear and tear over time.

Care Instructions - Do no wash, do not dry clean, do not iron. Spot clean at your own risk.