Forever Hoodie

Designed By

Serika Shillingsworth

Serika is a former AIME mentee in the University of Sydney program.

Hoodie Day 2018 (Friday July 13th), a chance to move a people, to move a nation.

From the streets of Sydney, a movement of mentoring has lit up the nation. Thousands of kids have risen to declare the dawn of a new era, of Indigenous success.

With the hoodie as their cape, they unlock their superhero and seize the chance to fly. And we wear our hoodies to fly with them.

Our ability to create new worlds comes down to our bravery to imagine what's possible.

For 14 years we have delivered, now I ask you to throw it all in. With 10,000 kids in the program this year in Australia, we could explode this model of mentoring over the next 5 years to create a tidal wave of results that will commence the end of Indigenous educational inequality forever. Will you fly with us?

Jack Manning Bancroft
AIME CEO and Founder

#AIMEHoodieDay18 #WillYouFlyWithUs #10000Kids #AintSeenNothingYet

The artwork on this hoodie, titled ‘Forever’, is by Serika Shillingsworth, a former AIME mentee in the University of Sydney program.

“My artwork depicts the ongoing connection between the Brewarrina fish traps and I. This is unbreakable for I feel an obligation to visit and take part in cultural practices surrounding the sacred site. Baimae’s Ngunnhu is the central meeting place for tribes along the Darling River. This is where the people conducted ceremonial practices and as a chance for elders to resolve disputes and trade goods.”

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