AIME X MJ BALE Hoodie Suit Jacket

In addition to the ReclAIMEd's 1st birthday and the Suits for Suits collaboration, AIME has again partnered with M.J Bale to create our first Hoodie Suit Jacket.
We have combined the signature AIME Hoodie with M.J Bale's precision tailoring to create a piece that offers a more casual take to traditional corporate suiting.

We Imagine has been printed across each hood as we continue to imagine and build the bridges to a fairer world.

Select the drop down to see the limited edition colourways and sizes available. Please note: all jackets provided by M.J Bale come in two different fits and a multitude of colours and fabrications. They range from size 38 - size 48 and come with an AIME hoodie colour option of Blue, Pink or Black.

Please refer to the FIT tab for size and measurement details.

Fit Guide

Drop Fit 7: A regular-fit jacket, moderately tapered through the chest and waist for a more relaxed fit. 

Drop Fit 8: A slim-fit jacket, well-tapered through the chest and waist for a razor-sharp silhouette.

Size Guide


Measurements (cm)


Chest: 85-89, Arm: 60-62


Chest: 90-94, Arm: 61-63


Chest: 95-99, Arm: 62-64


Chest: 100-104, Arm: 63-65


Chest: 105-109, Arm: 64-66


Chest: 110-114, Arm: 65-67


Chest: 115-119, Arm: 66-68


Chest: 120-125, Arm: 67-69