Talk Talk Die

“Suits for suits is about us building bridges from a traditional corporate symbol to open the doors for kids around the world to see through the world of imagination, and what is possible.” Jack Manning Bancroft - AIME Founder.

With no brief and no rules, the project is all about pure imagination, which is AIME’s ethos and each of the artists are free to get as creative as possible. This ongoing global project aims to solve a challenge and ReclAIME the future with M.J Bale & AIME auctioning the suits to help fund the work AIME do in fighting for imagination, and for a fairer world.

“This suit is a tribute to all the different, inspiring and powerful women of the world. Every woman brings a unique story and reminds us of the wild warrior within. Wear this suit and feel the awesome power of all the women and girls of the past, today and of generations to come. The ReclAIMEd project is the perfect way to make a statement about shitty fast fashion. ReclAIMed uses imagination and creativity to try and reverse the cycle of the capitalist cult.”

My work is fuelled by feminism and an ever spinning questioning of society’s suggested norms. I believe in tapping into anger and passion to push on the limbs of change.

Shipping Australia wide only. Please contact if you would like an international shipping quote.

Jacket size 40, Pant size 32

Please note this suit has been altered and is intended as an art piece. It is delicate and may be subject to some wear and tear over time.

Care Instructions - Do no wash, do not dry clean, do not iron. Spot clean at your own risk.