Iteka Ukarla Suit

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Designed By

Iteka Ukarla

Iteka Ukarla Sanderson-Bromley is 18 years old and lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Her language groups are Adnyamathanha (Flinders Ranges), Narungga (Yorke Peninsula) and Yarliyandi (Simpson Desert). Iteka’s ‘Yura mityi’ (Aboriginal/birth order name) is Warrikanha meaning 2rd born. Iteka has grown up making regular trips home to ‘country’. She loves sharing her culture and does this through her art, as well as by guiding cultural tours in Adelaide as part of her family’s business. Iteka has been involved with AIME as a high school student mentee and designed a Tshirt for the AIME Apparel range in 2018. She then designed the AIME 2019 Hoodie. She is currently involved in 2 art exhibitions featuring ceramics and hand painted silks. In ‘Dadirri’, an exhibition that is part of the SALA (South Australian Living Arts) Festival, Iteka has works along with other family members. In ‘Our Mob’, an exhibition featuring accomplished and emerging artists from South Australia, Iteka has works exhibited. Iteka is a member of 2 Aboriginal dance groups in Adelaide, ‘Tal-Kin-Jeri’, a traditional dance group, and ‘Of Desert & Sea’, a contemporary women’s dance group. Iteka completed Year 12 in 2018 and is now a student at Adelaide University studying a Bachelor of Arts with interest in Anthropology and Forensic Science.
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This suit is designed by Iteka Ukarla, an artist based in Adelaide, South Australia who also designed the 2019 AIME Unity and Kindness Hoodie. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a piece of art, not a wearable suit.