Mentoring - The key to a fairer world

* All profits from the book go directly towards helping us work with more kids.

When Jack Manning Bancroft founded AIME in 2005, building a bridge of mentoring between university students and Indigenous Australian high school kids, few people would have predicted that the initial cohort of 25 kids would grow to more than 15,000 kids having completed the program by 2017, mentored by over 5,000 university students. Nor would they have expected AIME to set up mentoring programs in Uganda and South Africa.

AIME's goal - ending educational inequality and creating equal opportunities and a fairer world for marginalised youths - is being realised across the globe one mentor-mentee relationship at a time by connecting those with power with those that are being left behind.

Mentoring: The key to a fairer world is AIME's story. It is a passionate account of what can be achieved through bravery, imagination, daring, hard work and a belief that change is possible if we work together, if we dream big and if we don't take 'no' for an answer.