Nick Hernandez Suit

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Designed By

Nick Hernandez

Nick Hernandez, a.k.a Chocolate Einstein, born 1971 in Sydney, Australia. Both parents are from South America, mother born in Peru and a father born in Chile. My heritage also includes Italian, French and Spanish. I have been painting commercially for 6yrs, though I have been creating art from an early age. In retrospect I did not recognize what I did as art, only later did I come to realize that my obsession to change the colour way of everyday products and objects was inherently my artistic interpretation of expression. I’ve always had an interest in buildings (architecture) the geometry and symmetry that combine together resulting in to magnificent or sometimes brutal designed buildings. My attraction to symmetry and colour, influenced me in developing a style of my own, and continue to inspire me to evolve as an artist. Indigenous Australian art and culture are a huge influence in my early art, the use of the earth tones, symbols, and a two-dimensional style can be seen in my work at the time. My art style has evolved recently, and I would say it to be a contemporary style. I still use earth tones, some pastels and a punch of primary colours here and there. Working in an organic fashion, I approach each site as a space that has a hidden language, that I believe I translate through my colours and shapes. This is what makes my art so relatable. There are symbols that convey a message, but without being obvious. Shapes that tell a story and colours that evoke certain emotions. I look forward to the future and what the future holds, but always remembering the past.

This suit is by Nick Hernandez, a.k.a Chocolate Einstein, from Bronte, Australia. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a piece of art, not a wearable suit.