RECLAIMED : "Expand Your Mind" S/S Vintage Tie-Dye Tee

This RECLAIMED S/S tee has been made using a vintage tie-dye tee that has then been printed with our EXPAND YOUR MIND, NOT YOUR WARDROBE print. The back print features the AIME logo. 

Each tee is unique and one of a kind tie-dye and will most definitely vary slightly in shape and colour from the photo.

RECLAIMED is an initiative by AIME to help solve the problem of dead stock clothing that ends up sitting in the warehouse, going on sale, or god forbid, being buried as landfill or sent to the incinerator 🔥😱  RECLAIMED gives brands an option on all the above, with the incentive that by donating to Reclaimed they are not only solving their excess stock issues bit also helping kids and the planet at the same time.

We are bringing back the dead (stock) and give it value as RECLAIMED canvases. The once dead stock is now a canvas, unlocking the imagination of kids to print, paint, dye, alter, or embellish, creating something new and fantastic, from the old, which AIME then sells. This is our small part in slowing down and mending a broken loop. 

Medium weight, 130ish GSM

100% cotton