Banora Point High School & Caldera High School

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Banora Point High School & Caldera High School

Banora Point High School (Pants) Mariana, Sienna, Oscar and Racheal Mariana, Siena and Racheal reguarly join in art work on Wednesday mornings and were delighted when being able to finally paint. Although the thought of painting a suit was an unusal sort of canvas for them, they settled into their task quickly with the same sort of plucky attitude they always show, and picked the blue and aqua 'snake weaving through grass' down either side of the pant legs as the design. Oscar was adamant at first that he wasn't going to paint but he showed a real flair and skill for art when he sat down a little later and created the 'goanna and meeting houses' on the right pocket. Caldera High School - Bailey and Kyraalee Kyraalee was the main overseer and visionary for the suit jacket, approving and directing the mentors as to what and where they should paint. Kyraalee and Bailey both paint at school and helped with the practice suit jacket we worked on the week before as well as the final piece. Kyraalee’s dot paintings are creations of what she sees and is inspired by around her and Bailey has produced beautiful portrait work this year. It has been an honour working with them. Thank you for supporting for these young amazing, talented souls!

This suit is a collaboration by students from Banora Point High and Caldera High School from Tweed Heads, Australia. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a piece of art, not a wearable suit.