Zachary Bennett-Brook Suit

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Designed By

Zachary Bennett-Brook

Hi, I’m Zachary Bennett-Brook an award-winning artist, born in Wollongong Australia in 1990. Being a proud Indigenous man of Torres Strait Islander heritage growing up in Wollongong (Dharawal Country), I have always been surrounded by the water and have always been involved with water-based activities. Being Torres Strait Islander, water has always played a vital role throughout my life. The ocean is ingrained within my cultural heritage and is often represented throughout many of my artworks and designs. In high school, I discovered my passion to paint the stories and artworks of my culture whilst combining both my surf and Indigenous cultures together. After exploring different mediums, I gained the confidence to develop my individual style and flair. My art has commonly been called unique and often an eye-catching perspective of contempoary Indigenous culture blended with surf culture, for all to enjoy. In a short time, I have gained worldwide recognition for my Indigenous artworks with works being shipped all over the world to America, Japan, Canada, England, Spain and throughout Australia, just to name a few countries. My artworks have been exhibited in a range of solo and group exhibitions and viewed by thousands from all over the world. As an artist I find and gather inspiration in the ocean's blue walls and sandy floors, often exploring different colour tones commonly associated with the sea throughout my works. I strive to create artworks that are of the highest quality, representing my passion for surfing in conjunction with my Indigenous background to ultimately showcase my artistic flare. My ambition is to create and develop works, which are engaging and aesthetically appealing, whilst allow me to grow artistically and professionally.
This suit is designed by Zachary Bennett-Brook, an artist based in New South Wales. 


DISCLAIMER: This is a piece of art, not a wearable suit.