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Welcome to the museum of Fashioning Change

Over the course of 2022 we will be weaving in all of the common threads that have danced around the world via AIME's Hoodie and friends

For 18 years AIME has rolled its platform around the world providing a stage for people to come together across 52 countries. If you like films you may enjoy the yarn about our last 7 years. If you're keen to get a fuller picture on AIME drop back to the main AIME Website. If you just wanna wear some fashion that changes the world, vibes below. The website is always drafting and under construction. We are amped to bring to you our Making of a Hoodie Podcast in June and we'll be sharing a weekly magazine via our mailing list called Fashioning Change - which you can subscribe to here. Every thread you wear, makes a statement, it sends energy into your soul and out to the world, we are better together and can unlock the force of human kind & unleash our collective intelligence via imagination to build a fairer world. This is more than charity, this isn't virtue signalling, these threads are a link, a connection to a world of us and not I. Let's go out there and build a fairer world.

The AIME Team

This Hoodie Day
...for JOY, let's change the way the world works.
We are calling on JUST ORGANISATIONS and YOU to take on the TUTOR SQUAD CHALLENGE and commit to setting up a tutor squad at a local school.
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This hoodie...
Episode 0 to be released June 1st 2022
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