This message was sent to the AIME friends list Thursday, 18 Aug 2022.

No longer selling transctional hoodies

After almost 6 years of wrestling with how to sell hoodies without selling out, we've made a final call. No longer will we be selling transactional hoodies on a shop where you can just buy a relationship with AIME.

Moving forward we are building a relational map.

Hoodie Economics is the playground where we look at exchanges of time, knowledge and opportunities with the Hoodie as the common thread - as it has been for the last 18+ years for so many within the network.

In terms of $$ exchanges, we will only provide that opportunity to engage with a hoodie relationship when an action is activated and when there is a systemic shift at play.

There are too many clothes in the world, so we'll do our best to ReclAIME dead stock, or rework old hoodies. When you see new garments from us we'll be working on either the value returned to the world being so significant that it's worth the true cost of making the garment, or we'll be profiling innovative technology just like Seaweed Hoodies.

To see how jump into

Sending you all the very best of vibes,

Jack Manning Bancroft

AIME Founder and CEO