Hoodie Economics

Acknowledging the good intentions from Salesforce to have a live art work being created we’ve decided together that this is not the best use of time and knowledge from Rhian and myself as we look to solve some of the complex issues facing inequity in the education system for young people experiencing marginalisation. 

What we recommend is to allow space for deeper conversations about what we’ve both gained from this working environment and how that has accelerated our own learning simultaneously alongside the young people that we work with and talk in depth about the implementation and design of our program to address these issues allowing people to bring their own stories alongside ours in a really meaningful and genuine way. 

We’d love to provide a menu of options for people to pick up some swag along the following outline 

Menu for change

Main course 

  • Global Ambassador of Equality Hoodie - Add image (TBC) 

Cost: Executives, Directors, and CEOs of organisations turbo-charge their workplace cultures by adopting AIME’s Co-CEO model: a dynamic program for young diverse leaders to shadow senior leaders in the organisation. In conjunction with other self-selected initiatives, organisations make their boardrooms more inclusive while fostering innovation to level the playing field at the executive level.

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  • Hoodie day kit - Add image 

Cost: ORGANISATIONS take on the TUTOR SQUAD CHALLENGE and commit to setting up a tutor squad at a local school. This Hoodie Day we want to inspire 1000 organisations and individuals to be tutors in local schools.

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Sides - How many hoodies do we have for sale? Add qr for shop at the end of the list for online transitions. 

  • This hoodie… 
  • This hoodie… 
  • This hoodie… 

Once orders are placed they receive a lifetime membership card for first 2 options and apparel shop process takes over the transactional comms. 

We would like to do a participatory combined artwork - idea - add more info here Rhi