About Aime Apparel

AIME apparel is a conversation starter, a walking, talking advertisement, sharing the AIME message with the world. 

The hoodie has been spotted from Redfern to Rome and more than a handful of cities in between.

It is a platform to show indigenous art and the art of the kids to an audience that may not of got to see it otherwise, and that’s the thing with art, it needs to be seen to be appreciated. AIME apparel is big on appreciating art, we love it and the majority of AIME Apparel is created with the the submissions of art form the kids in the program. 

We are on a mission to be as sustainable as possible, have undergone a sustainability report, stopped working with factories whose supply chain we are unsure of, we work with AS Colour blanks where we have full transparency on the supply chain.

All profits from AIME Apparel go back into funding the work we did for the imagination of marginalised kids and a fairer world. 

AIME Hoodie

We aspire to make the AIME Hoodie one of the most meaningful hoodies on earth.

Through our own artistic exploration and creativity alongside the ideas and skills of the students.

We will create sustainable and inspiring pieces of art that are more than just a hoodie, they are alive with the stories of the students and will travel the world as the uniform of the mentor.

We will work on creative way to collaborate and give away elements of the Hoodie so that we can amplify the change and grow our audience while carrying the imagination of AIME and the art and stories of the students. 

Check out this year's hoodie by Iteka Ukarla, The Unity and Kindness Hoodie

2019 Hoodie

Artist Series

We introduced series of tee shirts that we called the “Artist Series” last year.

Artworks from kids in the program are printed on the front within a series of shapes, the artists name and title of the artwork on the back and the story of the inspiration behind it printed on the inside. These are printed on S/S and L/S AS Colour blanks.

Check out the masterpieces in the Artist Series now!

Iteka Tee

This is Kirralee, one of the many great mentees in our program, wearing one of the Artist Series tees called, Our Meeting Place by Iteka Ukarla. 

Facts about AIME Mentoring

  • AIME is a mentoring program that uses imagination and structured mentoring to unlock the potential of marginalised kids.
  • The program has worked with over 25 000 kids in its 15 year history.
  • 76% of AIME students identified a positive post-school pathway in 2018 (compared to the 42% of Indigenous students Australia wide who took a positive post-school pathway)
  • The program is active in Australia, South Africa, Uganda, USA and Nigeria.
  • The founder and CEO of AIME, Jack Manning Bancroft, is a former NSW Young Australian of the Year recipient and the youngest person in Australian history to receive an Honorary Doctorate.
  • The lifetime benefit AIME participants - both mentor and mentee - is transformative, the positive economic benefit is significant. Independent KPMG analysis of the AIME program estimates that every dollar invested by Government yields a nine dollar return. The net economic benefit to employment and earnings of the program is over $1.1 billion.