DATE: Friday 13th September 2019


AIME officially releases its new clothing line: RECLAIMED, and its first capsule collection No New Clothes.

RECLAIMED takes dead stock clothing and gives it new life, enlivening these abandoned canvases with the creative works and stories of marginalised kids and artists across the earth to inspire us all to work towards a fairer world.

Currently, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of dead stock is thrown away, incinerated, or sent to landfill, and only 5% of donated clothing makes it into charity stores. We want to bring back the dead (stock) and give it value as RECLAIMED!

AIME will still be making some new clothing and producing it as sustainably and ethically as possible. RECLAIMED lives within AIME Apparel, alongside the Hoodie and our Artist Tee’s.

We look forward to working in synergy with brands around the world to solve a challenge and RECLAIME the future.

Enjoy RECLAIMED's first capsule collection, No NEW Clothes.